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The WBC-INCO.NET project, understands itself as a strategic coordination and support activity to support EU-WBC relations in S&T. It builds on previous activities and acts in close cooperation with the members of the Steering Platform  on  Research  for  the  WBC. The WBC-INCO.NET project assists in developing the relationship between the EU and the WBCs in the area of science and technology (S&T). Throughout its total duration of more than six years (01/2008 to 04/2014), the project supported the Steering Platform on Research for the Western Balkan countries in the facilitation of interaction between the Western Balkan countries, the EU Member States, states associated to the Framework Programmes for RTD and the European Commission. It is a strategic body designed to deal with European, multilateral and regional issues of science and technology policies in and with the WBCs.

The project’s core objectives are

  • to support the regional as well as bi-regional dialogue on science and technology (S&T) by benefiting from and interacting in an efficient division of labour within the Steering Platform on Research for Western Balkan countries between the EU Member States as well as other stakeholders and projects in the area
  • to identify RTD potentials and priorities in a transparent and methodologically sound way for take-up in regional and European programmes
  • to  enhance  participation  of  researchers  from  the  region  in  European  projects  of mutual  interest  and  benefit  by  implementing  capacity  building  measures  on  a structural and individual level and by accompanying networking activities
  • to increase visibility of WBC researchers in the European Research Area in thematic priorities and through the representation at EU-level conferences
  • to  analyse  and  support  the  innovation  systems,  innovation  needs  and  innovation infrastructures in the region
  • to analyse the cooperation, national and international research infrastructures, patterns of  WBC  in  regional  and  European  funding  programmes  and  related  barriers  to cooperation
  • to provide a platform to exchange information among stakeholders in the region via a web-platform, regular newsletters, journals and social media