Tech Gate Vienna / Donau-City-Stra├če 1 / 1220 Vienna / Austria

Project Exhibition Area

The exhibition will run for two days (Thursday-Friday). The exhibition area is located in the Tech gate – the biggest science and Technology Park in Vienna.  

As the area is positioned centrally and will host the coffee break and lunch area as well, a constant frequentation will be guaranteed (see the exhibition areas marked yellow).

Thus, the exhibition offers the perfect opportunity for discussions and talks with conference delegates, for gaining new contacts or intensifying existing project collaborations.

The project exhibition area is located on the ground floor in the Multimedia Stage Foyer, in the Multimedia Stage Maxi Room and the Multimedia Stage Mini Room. Please see the floor plan below, where you find the project exhibition area marked in yellow.

TheStage_MultimediaStage_Floorplan Floor plan_neu

Your project stand

Each project will be offered the following stand option (see below): please let us know if you need a) pinboard and table b) only pinboard c) only table d) ½ pinboard and ½ table (to share with another project).



Glass Table

Glass Table(cc)

Seminar Table
Seminar Table