Tech Gate Vienna / Donau-City-Stra├če 1 / 1220 Vienna / Austria

Hotel booking

Availability and Room Booking

WBC-INCO.NET investigated room availability and prices with following hotels nearby.

There are rooms available for visitors of the conference at:


  1. Please take direct contact with these hotels and mention the CODE: WBC-INCO.NET 2014 to check for actual room availability (at above mentioned prices), as well as for the precise booking conditions.
  2. Please further handle your room booking directly with the selected hotel.


All hotel rooms will be booked on a first come, first served basis.  WBC-INCO.NET Conference Organisers can not guarantee either room availability or prices.
For other Hotels in Vienna please check directly on the official tourism organisation


Please finally note that all accommodation costs have to be paid by the visitors and cannot be taken by the conference organizers. Please check directly with hotels their own cancelation policy when booking your room.