Tech Gate Vienna / Donau-City-Stra├če 1 / 1220 Vienna / Austria

Special focus

Main topics of the confernce

  • Regional cooperation in RTDI
  • Supporting participation of WBC in H2020
  • Research and innovation policy programming and implementation – opportunities, needs, obstacles
  • Overcoming obstacles and barriers in unleashing the WB' innovative potential

Main topics in view of the upcoming calls in Horizon 2020 (discussed within the parallel sessions on the first day)

  • "Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy"
  • "Information and Communication Technologies" (co-organised by FORSEE)
  • "Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies"

Main topics focusing the Research and Innovation Sector in WBC (discussed within the parallel sessions on the second day)

  • Human resources and brain drain
  • RTDI Infrastructures
  • Knowledge and Technology Transfer